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Ice phobic Ultra-thin Coating Technology

IceBlockR Technology

The anti-icing capability is a combined effect of surface superhydrophobicity and heterogeneous nucleation around embedded hydrophobic polymers and nanoparticles. IceBlockR Technology will begin its operations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and plans to extend its service offerings worldwide. The Company’s business operations in Canada will be managed by Mohamad Rafiq Banday, Rana Priya Barua, and Abhilash Ajaybhai Desai. Their vast and varied experience in conjugation with extensive knowledge will aid in delivering the most significant results to accomplish the Company’s mission and success.

Our Vision

To become a valued provider of ultra-thin coating material allied products that are carefully formulated to meet international standards while simultaneously improving protection against winter conditions by leveraging new innovative technologies.

Our Mission

To be a preferred partner in the anti-icing coating industry by providing an ice-phobic ultra-thin coating technology across Canada. To establish a company with a coordinated approach to prevent accidents and the general impact of ice and snow on the customers and the environment.

Our Team

Mohamad Rafiq Banday


He is a logistics executive and an entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience. He had worked as Logistics Manager, Country Manager, Director, Area Head, Area Manager & Business Development Consultant. As Chief Executive Officer of IceBlockR Technology, Mr. Banday will utilize his prior experience to satisfy both short and long-term company objectives and capitalize on any new business opportunities. His extensive leadership skills ensure the success of the company in the Canadian market.

Rana Priya Barua


He is an enthusiastic and intelligent senior project manager with 26+ years of experience in the field. He had worked as Design and Supervising Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Sub-divisional Engineer, Executive Engineer & Superintending Engineer. He had played various leadership roles to drive consistency, excellence, and continuous improvement in his career.  Mr. Barua’s extensive managerial experience and helpful connections make him an excellent fit for the Chief Operations Officer position of IceBlockR Technology.

Abhilash Ajaybhai Desai


He is a Piping Engineering Professional with more than 18 years of industry experience. He had worked as Project Piping Engineer, Piping Engineer, Senior Engineer and Assistant Manager, Piping Material Engineer, Piping Lead Engineer, Piping Deputy Lead and Lead Material Engineer. As Chief Technology Officer of IceBlockR Technology, Mr. Desai’s exceptional ability to network and use technology to enhance company objectives will ensure the company’s success in Canada.


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