Our Product

IceBlockR has developed an innovative strategy to combat the icing issue in different industries employing both passive and active technologies. Passive technology to combat icing problems is to prevent ice formation on the surface, and active technology refers to the operations after ice detection to remove the ice layer. IceBlockR is an innovative technology equipped with both the mentioned mechanisms to effectively combat the icing issue. The company has developed two grades of products that can be adapted for any market. Grade 1 is suitable for titled surfaces, and Grade 2, is for horizontal ones like powerlines.

Our Solution

IceBlockR is an icephobic ultra-thin coating technology which uses both anti-icing & de-icing mechanisms. It is based on a solvent-free, transparent, non-toxic, water-borne resin.

How Is It Used

De-icing Performance

Target Market

Canada Power Transmission


Wind Turbines

Aircraft Deicing


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